Tanya Clarke was raised in Ottawa, Canada. She is the daughter of leading political and environmental activist Tony Clarke. She currently lives on the beach in California where she collects things & puts them together.Liquid Light is an expression of her present environment and her upbringing.  Tanya Clarke's 'Liquid Lights' have been featured in galleries, museums and private collections in the U.S. & around the world.

* A percentage of all Liquid Light proceeds go towards the education and action on global water justice issues. For more info visit www.PolarisInstitue.Org/Water.

* Liquid Lights are only sold in their entirety.



It is my hope that these custom-built 'Liquid Light' pieces serve to open up discussions around the topic of water. At one point in time, fresh clean water flowed freely and abundantly and was a right to all living beings. Today, in many parts of the world, what was once a given now runs dry; what was once a right has become a commodity; what once was clean has become contaminated. Let's be reminded that water is a resource that we cannot live without. Let's be reminded that the urgency is now and that we no longer have the luxury of later. Let's be reminded that it would be fatal to overlook the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Let's refuse to believe that it's too late. Let's refuse to believe that we cannot or will not change. Let's refuse to believe that we won't choose to do whatever it takes to protect the children. But in order to do so, we must come together and actively protect this most precious resource. We must not turn our backs and let someone else do the work. This is our planet, these are our children, this is our responsibility as a collective whole. Perhaps it will be the struggle to prevent the continuation of the fresh water crisis that will help to create tighter communities, more communicative nations, more global education and action. Perhaps if we can get behind this together-anything is possible. Perhaps.



Portraying the Los Angeles drought (2012-2017) & the corporate control over water. Masks of 101 faces of LA County residents & those spending time in LA, were created to represent the total population of just over 10,100,000 people in the region & their diverse reactions to the water crisis.

'Do not, my friends, become addicted to water. It will take hold of you & you will resent its absence'. -Immortan Joe (Mad Max: Fury Road)